The mighty Himalayas have in store a gamut of encounters and surprises that the human mind cannot fathom. Like it narrates a new story in every curve you pass, it offers new experiences with every passing season.

In winter, the royal white landscape comes alive with terrains that are most suited for adventure games, albeit of a different kind. Lovingly referred to as winter games, the host of activities like skiing and snowboarding are meant to amaze and mesmerize the adventure loving soul. With the emergence of a culture of winter sports in our country, it is imperative that we develop a platform to exercise the opportunities that the mountains have to offer.

Presenting, Project SNOW, the first of its kind festival in the country that celebrates the spirit of winter in the Himalayas, through a series of activities that bring all adventure and nature loving individuals from the world together.

The annual event, slated to take place in the winter every year, at one of the most sought-after winter destinations in India, proposes to organize a ski challenge, music, culture, shopping, food and a plethora of other activities like heli-skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, snowmobile, quad bike rallying etc. under one umbrella. Planned as a 3-day-event, in association with the Ski Council, Project Snow let experts and enthusiasts explore the beauty and soul of the mighty mountains.

Project Snow is right now looking for associates and partners in all capacity and disciplines. It is an opportunity for brands and businesses to reach out to minds that matter. Join the excitement. Write to us for enquiries at